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What is your technology plan?  


In today’s fast-changing information technology arena, it is crucial to approach business with a plan for changing technologies. 5th Science offers solutions in Information Technology that aligns business goals with industry changes. We deliver solutions for systems integration, software development, programming services and IT planning.

5th Science is a respected IT consulting firm and business partner. Businesses of all industries rely on 5th Science for their technology needs. From customized software and database applications, to networks and websites, 5th Science gives businesses the tools to gain a competitive advantage.

Understanding is the key to effective problem-solving. Our 'listen-first' approach allows us to understand our customers' needs and the needs of their industry. We analyze every aspect of our clients' processes and make comprehensive recommendations for the integration of new technologies. By focusing on effective communication, 5th Science builds better methods to support our customers.

The Information Technology needs of any business can rapidly change as new technologies become available. In today's competitive business arena, awareness of changing technologies can make a difference in profit margins of any business. 5th Science helps its clients gain awareness of changing technologies and assists them in exploring the best solutions.

Planning changes is as important as the change itself. It involves assessments of existing systems and the impact of changes to the workforce. Integration is a process of evolving step by step. 5th Science guides its clients through the process of integration, and facilitates training and support throughout the process. We look beyond short-term projects, and focus on the long-term benefits of integrating new Information Technology.

Our staff consists of skilled IT professionals, system analysts and programmers who utilize their experience and industry insight to make effective IT recommendations. Our assortment of technical consulting services in technology-based business improvements provides comprehensive business advice to organizations undergoing transformation.

Organizations are always looking for an innovative ways to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve customer service. Whether optimizing technical resources or servicing customers, information systems are vital to a company's on-going success. We introduce technologies that unite the efforts of management and workforce. We provide services that make business more productive and cost efficient. 5th Science provides you with systems that fulfill your present and future business needs.

5th Science offers an array of computer-related services and solutions, including the design, development, and delivery of databases, customized applications design, network integration, data analysis/conversion and related consulting services. We help organizations utilize systems to increase the effectiveness of their business processes.

Tel.:  (301) 737-1212       Fax:  (301) 737-4949       developer@5thscience.net

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