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D a t a b a s e  D e v e l o p m e n t   S e r v i c e s 

We specialize in database design and development for client/server, file server, and web-based database applications. Our database developers work with database management systems software to determine ways to organize and store data critical to your business.

A well-designed database application provides users an easy way to get to information by using user-friendly screens and understandable tools. Our database developers create easy to use front-end screens that manipulate data and provide needed information quickly and accurately.

We design and plan implementation, coordinate system security measures, and manage performance planning. Our developers reliably produce effective and robust information management tools that accurately meet the needs of an organization or business, large and small.

Our developers have experience with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and Microsoft Access, as well as legacy Sybase, FoxPro and DBase systems. As new releases become available, our staff study how changes affect existing systems. We provide the latest business solutions available.

While every client has its own unique requirements, our typical approach to database projects is the following planning process: 

  1. Establish Administration / Admin. Support

  2. Perform Requirements Analysis to Define Business Data Requirements
  3. Design Conceptual Data Model
  4. Design Physical Data Model
  5. Design Test/Development Database
  6. Perform Acceptance Testing
  7. Design Data Conversion Tools
  8. Design Documentation
  9. Convert Data
  10. Implement in Production
  11. Distribute Application
  12. Technical Support


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Home | Database Development | Software Development | Business Analysis | Networking | About 5th Science


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